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Erik Verlage

Joining Gamkedo Club was a turning point in my career. The club is constantly evolving with new and exciting projects to work on every month. Chris is well-connected to industry professionals, makes every member feel included, and leads by example. If you want to learn to make games, this is the way to do it.

Oasis Rim

Having someone to ask direct questions to that can provide immediate response is invaluable. The club has greatly boosted my confidence in a field in which I had no prior experience. Whether for resume building, practical experience or just fun, Gamkedo is an excellent resource for anyone that is interested in game development.

Leiah Fournier

Gamkedo Club is a rare find that I feel lucky to be a part of. The club fosters growth and creativity through making games without the pressures of a game jam or the impersonal nature of a meetup. There’s a balance of artistic freedom and structure that inspires its members to go above and beyond.

Dan Lazar

This whole experience has been a blast. I can't tell you how great it's been to have collaborators and mentorship. This club has been such an amazing boost in my learning. It's unreal.

Reid Alford

I didn't have any game development experience before joining Gamkedo. After only a few short months I already got a few games released to show on my portfolio. A great community with great people!

Angelo Gazzia

Experience working on a team is what I get out of Gamkedo Club as an artist, understanding programmers and what they need to complete a game. The club taught me lots of things and connected me with lots of people. I am really proud of having joined.

Tim Waskett

I've been making video games on and off for the last few years but it's always been self taught with a lot of trial and error. When I found out about Chris and Gamkedo I realized I'd have saved myself a huge amount of time and effort had he been around when I started making games. Chris has been helping me take my game development up a few notches over the last few months, building a much more complex game than I'd done before. I've realized that Chris's training can accelerate that process of self learning, directing it in the most efficient way and getting you to where you want to be faster and with fewer dead ends. Even if you've been making games for years I can guarantee there's a lot of stuff he can teach you! I'm a better game developer now because of Gamkedo.

Chris Markle

Before I joined Gamkedo Club, I believed I didn't have the time to fit game development into my daily schedule. Now that I've led my own team project I know I can make the time. I learned it wasn't about being 100% ready to lead a project, but jumping in and going for it, then finding a way. I can always count on the club to support me, whether with a simple coding issue or the harder issue of fitting real-life with game dev. I've met a tight-knit group of passionate club members from all around the world, who have a wealth of knowledge I would not have been exposed to if I chose to do game dev alone. My friends in Gamkedo Club truly want to see me succeed.

Andreas Lathe

I've been solo-developing games now and then over decades and I've always dreamt of going bigger by collaborating within a team of people – but the networking skill needed to find my way into such a team was lacking (and might always be due to a type of introvertness). Gamkedo Club feels to me like a safe island where I can enjoy working on games. New projects crop up at a comfortable pace and everything within the club's mechanism is geared towards making it easy and non-scary to join in.

Jeremy Kenyon

Being able to work with other people who are excited about making games has been awesome. The club is full of fun, talented, and passionate people who really enjoy working on games and they also really enjoy helping each other out.

Club Founder & Trainer Chris DeLeon

Hi! I live in L.A. with my fiancée Laura and our cat EDI. I've been making games for 20 years, including pro game design on console games for Electronic Arts, in casual web games at a Silicon Valley start-up, and indie mobile (including a #2 paid game in 2008). Before starting Gamkedo I taught game creation skills at Georgia Tech. On the side I organize IndieCade's workshops in L.A. and Paris, teach kids coding in Malibu, and do game developer outreach now with over 70 podcast interviews and millions of YouTube views.

Speaker for, worked with, or had work featured in:

Forbes 30 Under 30 for Entertainment in 2011
IndieCade 2010 Finalist, GameU Co-Chair since 2014
• Level design in game at Smithsonian (Boom Blox)
• Udemy instructor teaching 70,000 students
• Academic and industry conference speaker
• Engine & levels, Vision by Proxy 2, 7+ million plays
Extra Credits guest writer (episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Mentor-in-Residence Christer Kaitila

Lead programmer on over 100 non-game software projects, one day he put a quarter into a dusty Ms. Pac Man machine that shouldn't have even been there. He had the perfect game; beat the decades-old high score in front of his girlfriend, and had a life-changing epiphany. Developing business software was not going to make him happy. He quit his job that very day, dropped out of corporate society, married the girl who cheered him on, and devoted his life to making games. He was lucky. It turned out like he'd hoped.

• Founder of #1GAM, now on its 5th year
• Created 40 games
• Written 15 tutorials
• Two published books
• Composed 75 songs
• Professional voice actor
• Collaborative GameDev Mentor in Gamkedo Club

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